Sunday, March 10, 2013

My first go at blogging...

So, here is my first go at blogging.  I have a huge love for writing, but over the years I've slacked on the amount of writing I actually do.  I blame it on high school- the Intro, Body, Conclusion set-up takes away all of one's creativity, I believe.  Of course, its hard to get creative on topics like "Explain the importance of Principals in the school system" and other crap like that.  Hey, I love Principals, they're great (most of the time) but I'm pretty sure everyone else in America knows their importance too...


I spent a total of ten minutes trying to think of a title for this.  One site I read said "add -ista to something you like and there you go" so, I thought, "Hey! I like different cultures!" and decided to add a bit to that with the whole "lookin' for a new perspective" thing. Because Culturista is kind of weird on its own.  Also, does it look like I'm into Cults or something? Thats a fear of mine....

I am definitely not into Cults unless you consider my undying love for all things French a Cult.
I have a huge obsession with Marie Antoinette. She's kind of all over the walls in my room, no joke.  I have this HUGE portrait of her above my desk that I cherish.
In case any of you don't know who Marie Antoinette is, she was the queen of France in the late 1700's.  She had a great life of luxury whilst everyone else in France lived terribly.  Eventually they had her head chopped off. I am convinced that Marie Antoinette was actually a great person that just got thrown into the hierarchy at the wrong time.  Heck, if I were sent to France to be queen at 14, I'd probably act a little spoiled too.  It was the way- she didn't have any other choice.

There's your opinionated history lesson of the day. :)

I have big dreams to travel.  I think my next blog will be my current Top 10 Bucket-List so you can see just how big those dreams are.

I am also a Christian. I'm not "religious"- I don't believe in Religion.  I believe solely on a relationship with Jesus Christ.  A lot of people tend to not think about Jesus because they associate Him with Religion and I would love to open the eyes of people to see that Jesus also hated Religion- He loved truth.  I believe in the fact that everyone has a choice. The great thing about God is that He did allow us to choose what we do with our lives or who we follow.  I can honestly say, my life would be nothing without Christ in it.  I feel like I am empty when I leave Him out of something and can't imagine life without Him.

As you can see in the title of this, I like finding a new perspective.  Honestly, I hadn't really understood the importance of perspective until this year.  I find that whenever my life is in a slump, finding a new perspective renews me.  I find it in the Bible, in teachings, in movies, in books, in people, in prayer, in sunlight, in differences, in food...
Culture also allows one to see different perspectives.  There is such a variety of the way people live and see and do things.  I love watching the movie Eat Pray Love.  The first time I watched it, I was so envious of the main character.  She got to see and live and experience so many different things- just to change her perspective of life.
I feel like that is an important thing for me to do, especially being an American.  Our American lifestyle is so.... unsatisfying compared to a lot of cultures.  We are always on the go, looking for something to fill the void of our lives.
For me, I try to fill the void with Christ.
But I'm also human, and follow the American way.
I am hoping that my life is full of love, new people, and new places- a new experience every day.

So, as I have learned in Eat Pray Love,

Let's cross over.