Thursday, March 14, 2013

First experience with The Body Shop

First experience with The Body Shop

I have heard people RAVING about the Body Shop, mostly about their Strawberry Body Butter.
So I went to the Body Shop to buy said body butter. 

And then I smelled Satsuma Clementine.

Holy poo this stuff is amazing.  It smells SO incredibly good, sometimes I just stick my nose in my body butter container and inhale. 

At the store, I couldn't decide what products I wanted to get, so I ended up getting a kit of the body polish, shower gel, and body butter.  

LOVE these products---
The body polish is really just a shower gel with an exfoliant.  The smell of this is a little bit different than the other Satsuma products- its just a little more bitter but it smells more authentic.  Showering with it is like bathing in clementines. You want to eat it.

Same goes for the body butter. Its super hydrating and makes you want to eat your skin.

I will DEFINITELY be trying other Body Shop products.
So far, I'm impressed.