Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break Trip!!!

Ocean Isle Beach

Whilst I am on Spring Break, me and my family have been staying in my Papaw's house at Ocean Isle Beach.  We came up (or down...because technically we traveled down the country...) here on Saturday and are leaving tomorrow (Thursday). It has been a lovely relaxing trip and I thought I would blog about it! :)

Sunday morning we woke up early enough to see the sun rise, but alas, it was too cloudy to actually see the sun rise... But as a family we had our own little Easter service giving thanks that Jesus would die for us... It was very nice huddled as a family in the freezing cold listening to the waves crash and thinking of His sacrifice.... We prayed together and afterwards both Mom and I were bawling (we're softies like that haha).

Later that day, Mom and I decided to go out and sit on the beach. It was a bit too cold to just sit so we decided to walk.
I tried out the ocean water just for funsies and let me tell you-- my legs pretty much went numb. To regain feeling, I ran about like a crazy person for a bit. Mom and I walked the length of the beach to the pier and, noticing that it was getting chillier, decided to turn around.
Well, the wind that day was FEROCIOUS. And turning around began a battle with the wind that would surely kill us *insert dramatic music here*.
I was also wearing little shorts and a very light long sleeve tshirt so I was FREEZING and my very pale winter legs quickly became bright red! haha
Needless to say, as soon as we got back to our chairs, we packed up and left the windy beach.

Monday was supposed to be our day on the beach because they were calling on good weather.... well... that didn't really happen. My brother also managed to get himself sick so he stayed in the house throughout the day.
I, however, wanted very much to get out of the house, so my parents and I went on a little golf-cart trip.
We took this little road on the island that led to this really cool swampy place that had boardwalks going everywhere on it.
Dad went ahead of Mom and I. We were taking our time through the boardwalks when we hear him running and he runs up to us and is yelling, "I just saw an alligator and it was coming towards me!" blablabla yada yada... And Mom and I were kind of stunned and curious, "Where!? Where?!" because an alligator in a swampy place such as this was pretty believable.
Of course, this was Dad's April Fools joke. April Fools indeed.
Dad walking across swampiness. Of course my finger would get stuck in the picture.

There is a little fishing dock on the intracoastal waterway that we always like to visit while on Ocean Isle. Its just really peaceful and pretty through here and there is normally less hubbub than the normal areas.

The very sad thing about Ocean Isle is that the island is LITERALLY falling apart. We went to the end of the island to see how much had fell off since the last we had been here (which was in late November, so not that long ago). The island had definitely lost some more.
A lot of houses on the end of the island pretty much got taken away by the sea, or torn down so that wouldn't have to happen.  They had tried to slow down the deterioration of the end of the island by putting up these giant sacks stacked up.  The ocean is still beating against them though, so I really don't think they're going to last as long as hoped.
Even though its sad... its very cool to look at haha
This house is sure to be eaten by the ocean pretty soon.

Monday night we ate at Chili's! I had this veryyyy yummy dish of Tilapia, rice and black beans. It had a very Caribbean flare to me- the tilapia had a mango vinaigrette and avocados and mango diced on top. It was DELICIOSO!

Tuesday, we went to Myrtle Beach for some shopping!
We tried out the Tanger Outlets, both at North Myrtle and Myrtle. I didn't really like the one at North Myrtle, but the other one had a Forever 21 and I FINALLY got a few mint things from there :D

I got these little comfy mint shorts from Forever 21.

LOVE this dress! Its flowy and polka-dotty and minty and AHHH LOVE IT <3

Buuuuuut, I also got one non-mint thing :D

This denim polka dot vest is SO CUTE <3

All this stuff is gonna be great for Spring and Summer! :)

We ended our shopping day at TGI Fridays and I had Hibachi Skewers which were AMAZINGGGG... and it came with Jasmine rice (my absolute favorite rice ever) and grilled pita. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of it.. because I'm lame haha

Today is Wednesday and so far, Ive just watched a bunch of Vlogs and typed this Blog and ate breakfast.

Happy Spring to all! :)