Friday, April 26, 2013

What's so bad about one-pieces??

So summer is just a short time away and everyone is out buying their bathing suits and whatnot and what I seem to notice is that one-pieces are CONDEMNED!!!!
Personally, I've always worn one-pieces because I'm a voluptuous girl who doesn't need to flaunt all of her goodies about in a bikini. All of my friends, however, feel the need to only wear bikinis or at least some form of a two-piece bathing suit because apparently one-pieces are the NONO of the bathing suit world for young people.

This I do not understand.

First of all, not every girl is able to wear a bikini. If you're like me and have big boobs and a nice little bag of flab collected beneath your waist, then bikinis just kind of show off the stuff you'd rather hide.

Now, I will say that I did buy a Kenneth Cole bikini for the summer mainly for the purpose of laying out and tanning. This was my first bikini purchase as kind of reward for losing 30+ pounds over the past like, year. (I know, props to me right? I'm pretty proud. I feel I have bragging rights haha)

But what is the deal with ONLY being able to wear a two-piece? The thing I most often hear is, "Oh, yeah, I ONLY wear a bikini. One-pieces are so ugly" or  when someone is going to some kind of event where bikinis aren't allowed, all the girls complain like having to wear a one-piece is the biggest atrocity of their life.

And here is moi, like "oh, thats not bad! I only own one-pieces! This event is totes easy! :P"

Here's the thing:

Bathing suits are made for SWIMMING and being able to enjoy the warm weather and get some sun and be all healthy-skinned and whatnot.

I don't know the exact reason for the bikini-only obsession, but I feel like its a way for a girl who wants to show that she CAN wear a bikini because she looks good and wants to show off that she looks good. Maybe she feels like if she wore a one-piece, it would cover up some of the assets that she is really proud of. Which is really great, you should show off what you are proud of!

But for the rest of us who aren't proud of some of the things about our bodies, don't condemn us for wearing something that we are comfortable in.

Not only that, but its okay to be modest. Modesty isn't not on-trend... its something that a lot of people respect.

And bikinis aren't the only things that are cute- there are TONS of one-pieces that are cute.
If you're going for the sexy route, one-pieces are sexy too!
I mean, look at Marilyn Monroe. She was like, the biggest sex-symbol of the late forties, early fifties, and she mainly wore ONE PIECES, the occasional high-waisted bikini (which I am all-for).
From Pinterest
My point is, its OKAY to wear a one-piece and its OKAY to wear a bikini!
Wear what makes you comfortable and RESPECT other people's preferences! :)