Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Louis Auguste: My Royal Bunny <3

I have a cuddly companion...

When I was in tenth grade, I believe, I decided that I needed a furry companion because I was fighting with a lot of loneliness and wanted someone to cuddle with. So, I convinced my parents to let me get a rabbit because I figured they were cuddly creatures that I could love. I would buy one with my own money and take care of it with my own money (and time). 
I searched EVERYWHERE for the perfect bunny companion. I even tried looking for rabbit breeding farms around my area, but I never could find one that was open. One day, I called good ole Tractor Supply to see if they had any for sale and GOODY, they had a batch of lop-eared babies. 
I rushed over to Hickory ASAP.
There, I met Louis. Now, I knew that was his name before I found him because I was convinced my rabbit was going to have a royal name- Louis Auguste (after Louis XVI) if it was a boy and Duchess if it was a girl. 
When we got to Tractor Supply we found  a BUTTLOAD of adorable lop-eared baby bunnies, one of which was being sought after by some old crabby woman planning to get her granddaughter a bunny. That one just happened to leave her sight when I came to the cage of rabbits where Louis came to sniff my hand, acting happy to see me.
This was the day I came home with my furry friend, a cherished pet.

Was he not the CUTEST bunny ever?!

Now, I may be that weird woman who really loves her pets but if you had a bunny like Louis, you would too. He's like that stuffed animal you always wished would come alive as a kid.

.....see the family resemblance?

Since then, Louis has grown extremely fat haha. Its crazy to have seen him as this tiny little bunny that fit in the palm of my hand into this huge rabbit the size of a 8 to 10 pound baby. I mean, hes a big bunny. He also has humongous feet that he likes to bang on the floor when he's mad. Which, lemme tell you, he does frequently. He lets you know his feelings.

Louis today. He looks like a ball of fur and blubber now haha

If you're thinking about getting a new pet for you or your family, seriously think about a rabbit. They are a bit of upkeep when it comes to their litter and cage.
You can potty train a rabbit. Louis was pottytrained pretty quickly but its pretty much impossible to keep a rabbit from not dropping his pellets when he feels the need. However, you can teach them to pee in a litterbox. Its probably easier if your rabbit is fixed.
Louis is not fixed and it is COMPLETELY EVIDENT. Rabbits are simply sexual animals haha. Louis, I will say, has a humping problem and it is SO ANNOYING. 
So, I recommend you getting your rabbit fixed. 
The biggest problem we had with Louis was when he was a baby. He would chew wires until they shot sparks. I have no idea how he lived through some instances, one of which probably could have killed us both (just imagine us under a table with fire literally shooting at us.... yeah... it was that bad). Thankfully, he did grow out of the wire-chewing stage, but it is necessary to rabbit-proof your house.
This means tie up ANY loose wires because they WILL chew them. We had to replace several phones in the house.
Despite all this, animals are loyal and loving animals with quiet, but sweet personalities.
I recommend you getting a rabbit at a young age so it grows close to you.
Louis is my constant companion. He follows me everywhere I go and knows my voice better than anyone's. 
He's my prince <3